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Summer Skin | Vitamin C and Sunscreen

Oh Summer! When you think of the perfect summer, you may imagine a vacation to a tropical paradise; sitting on a white sand beach with a cocktail sitting back catching a vibe. And your skin? Perfectly smooth, even and glowing, of course.

While you may not have a trip to paradise planned, BeauTi911 can help you achieve the skin of your dreams this summer – and it’s easier than you may have thought.

Two things make the perfect pair for summer ready skin!

Vitamin C and Sunscreen ( you know you need the sunscreen everyday right?)

Why Vitamin C?

  • Brighten skin complexion by reducing

  • Prevent premature aging to smooth fine lines

  • Even skin tone by targeting dark spots

Why you need to wear Sunscreen?

Not just when its hot! It helps to prevent sun damage and is a necessary part of your skin routine. To get the most out of your sunscreen apply it head to toe , making sure to pay attention to hands, neck ,ears, and décolleté. REMEMBER and SPF of 30 or better is best.

We have everything you need to create your go to summer routine stop in or make an appt to see us!

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