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Our Services

Here you will find a brief summary of some of the services provided here at BeauTi911


Signature Facial

This is a custom treatment that prepares your skin for more advanced services such as chemical peels.

Express Facial

 Tailored to refreshing skin for those on the go and with busy schedules.

Acne Peel

Catered to those struggling with acne breakouts. Intended to relieve skin of congestion and inflammation of acne.

Facial Waxing

Eyebrow Arch

Clean up unwanted hair around brow and temple area for a clean crisp look.

Eyebrow Shape & Tint

Brows are shaped and tailored to brow structure w/ Hybrid tint is applies to brow hair for a semi permanent color look

Upper & Lower Lip Combo

Hair is removed from under nose and around the top, bottom, and sides of lip.

Chin & Neck

Removal of hair on chin and neck.

Full Face 

Use of hard wax to remove unwanted facial hair from around the brow bone, forehead, cheeks and lio.

Legs & Arms Waxing

Full Arms

Full Legs

Removal of hair from upper and lower legs down to toes.

Half Legs

Removal of hair from thigh to knee or knee to toes.

Lower Body Bundle

Total hair removal from lower half, includes Brazilian, full legs, inner cheeks, and toes if desired.

Bikini Waxing

Brazilian Extended

Hair is removed from all of front region and to include the inner butt area, tummy and up to 10 inches on inner thigh.

Brazilian w/ tummy strip

Hair is removed from front and back, and treasure trail up to top of belly button.


Express Vajacial

A facial for your vagina skin designed for after a wax to extract and treat ingrown and soothe skin.

Intensive Care Vajacial

This treatment is designed to help reverse hyperpigmentation, extract ingrowns and use of an Enzyme peel for all over even texture. Service to be performed 2 weeks post-waxing.



Removal of hair from shaft, scrotum, top, sides and inside cheeks.

Manzilian Extended

Removal of all hair from front to back to include lower abdomen, treasure trail, and 6 inches on inner thigh.

Manzilian Boxer Brief

Service provides removing hair from the entire box brief line including inner thigh up to about 10 inchess including full butt if desired

Full Back Wax

Removal of all back hair.

Chest Wax

Removal of all chest hair does not include abs

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